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IT Management

IT Business Dis~connect
11 Traits of Successful IT Managers
Fast Start for a New IT Manager
IT Management Process
Quick Steps in Developing an IT Strategy
Maintain an IT Initiatives Portfolio
Managing a Programming Backlog
Dealing With an Unhappy Client
Justifying IT Projects
Key Measurements in IT
Improving Programming Quality
Keys in Selecting a Software Vendor
Technology Cost Saving Strategies
Why IT Managers Miss Their Budget
Cost Savings - Eliminate Paper
Use Portfolio Management Techniques to Ensure People are Allocated to the Right Work
Use Facts to Assess the Viability and Effectiveness of Teleworking
Use a Multi-Faceted Approach to Implement Culture Change
Key Considerations in IT Assessment
Change Management Process - Programming
Develop an IT Staffing Plan
Use Balance Points to Ensure You Have the Right Balance of Work in Your Portfolio
Automatic Escalation Procedures
Understand the Basics of Agile Development
Budgeting IT Tips
Importance of Capital Budgets
A Case for IT Policies and Procedures
Manage Client Expectations
Use Dashboards to Tell the Story
Determine, Observe, Learn, and Incorporate
Cost Justifying Infrastructure Products
Management Model - Snails Crawl, Birds Fly
Business Value for Senior Management is Simple
Are IT People Really Different?
Why IT Projects Fail
Power Costs More Than You Think
Calculate the Cost of a Move
Jumpstart Your Year with IT Kickoff Meeting
Learn Basic Process Modeling (1 of 2)
Effective Communication Tools
Learn Basic Process Modeling (2 of 2)
Use a Steering Committee
Simple Client Survey Can Tell a Lot
Effective IT Staff Meetings
10 Ways to Improve Client Srvice
Prioritizing IT Projects
IT Self Evaluation Checklist
Create an IT Manager Dashboard

12 Secrets to IT Manager Success!
Step 1 - Conduct an IT Assessment
Step 2 - Determine Capability and Capacity
Step 3 - Develop an Action Plan
Step 4 - Get Your Projects in Order
Step 5 - Put IT Processes in Place
Step 6 - Develop an IT Organization Plan
Step 7 - Implement Communication Processes
Step 8 - Focus your IT Staff
Step 9 - Develop an IT Strategy
Step 10 - Communicate your IT Strategy
Step 11 - Measure Your Results
Step 12 - Understand the Financial Situation


Project Management

Risk Management Overview
Quality Management Overview
Value of Project Management
Fundamental Status Reporting
Project Estimating Techniques
Building a Project Communication Plan
Trouble Signs that Your Project is Behind Schedule
Develop a High-performing Team
Techniques To Get Your Project Back On Schedule
Overview of Metrics Management
Understanding the Importance of Critical Path
Defining and Aligning Project Objectives and Scope
Understanding and Managing Project Issues
Managing Quality Through Statistical Process Control and Control Charts
Managing Dispersed Project Teams
Utilizing Document Management On Your Project
Define the Work Before You Execute the Project
Project Management Kickoff Meeting
Use the Work Breakdown Structure to Identify All the Work Required for a Project
Use the “Big Three” Documents—Project Definition, Project Workplan, and Requirements—As the Foundation for Your Project
Project Management Status Meeting
Scale Your Project Management Processes Based on the Size of the Project
Use this Model for Gathering Requirements
Multiple Techniques for Eliciting Requirements
Consider various alternatives to building your PMO
Use These Interviewing Techniques Gather Requirements
Simple Project Management Tools
Evaluate All Risk Response Options in the Risk Plan
Establish Processes to Catch Errors as Early in the Project as Possible
History of Project Management
Program Management Lifecycle
Program Management Processes
Planning for your Program
The TenStep Project Management Model
Project Roles
Establish Scope on Your Project
Creating a Project Schedule
Network Diagrams
Building a Project Budget
Advanced Scheduling Techniques
Manage Budget on Your Project
Earned Value
Problem Solving Techniques
Manage Change on Your Project
Simplify Project Budget Work
Determine the Level of Risk on Your Project
Managing People on Projects
Manage Contractors on Your Project
Leadership Skills on Projects
Implement Quality in Your Organization
Tips for Metrics Management
Closing a Project
Rescuing Troubled Projects
Green Project Management
Introduction to Contracts
The Role of Executives in Project Management
Project Manager Ethics
Implementing a Value-Add PMO
Successfully Market Your PMO
Managing Outsourced Relationships
Five Keys to Project Success
Applying Project Governance
Optimizing Project Resources

People Management

Quick Tips to Motivate Your Employees
Understanding IT Employee Work Behavior is Key
Dealing With a Difficult Employee
Preparing to Deliver Effective Performance Plans
New Hires: Tips to a Productive Start
Education: a Powerful Motivator for IT Employees
Learn How to Interview New Project Team Members
Develop Meaningful Employee Performance Reviews
Allocating Resources in a Matrix Organization
How to Attack a Morale Problem on Your Team
Provide Meaningful Performance Feedback
Escalate a Performance Problem with a Formal Plan
Ensure Flextime is Good for the Business as Well as the Individual
Conflict Resolution Techniques
Invest in Your Staff. Powerful Motivators.


Personal Development

Take Responsibility for Your Career Development
Learn the 360 Degree Review Process
Processes to Help IT Managers Communicate
Ten Ways to Build Skills on Your Team
Utilize Active Listening as the Key to Effective Communication
Accounting Primer for IT Managers
Management Model - "Drain the Swamp"
Cost Savings - Use Experts to Help
Quick References Saves Time
Recognize the Difference Between Logical and Emotional Feedback
Look at Processes, Not People, to Solve Quality Problems
Cost Savings - Reengineer Business Applications
Management Model - "Bite the Head of a Frog"
Transition from Technical Expert to Business Manager
Project Managers Need Time Management Skills
Prepare for the PMP Exam
Organize Your Day for Higher Productivity
Coping with Stress
Managing a Diverse Staff
Prioritizing Your Work
Transition from Technical Expert to IT Manager
My Favorite Moments



Leadership Examples are Everywhere
IT Due Diligence Overview
Elevate Your Management Perspective
Compare Leading with Managing
Empowering Your Employees
Develop an ROI
Develop Experts and Depth
Functional versus Operational IT Organizations
The 3 Threats of Successful IT Management
Use Self-Managed Teams
Project Management - Key to IT Credibility
Maintain Your Personal Ethics
Learn to Influence Others Without Moving to the “Dark Side” of Office Politics
Power of Becoming Predictable and Reliable

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"This is timely material that can set an IT manager above the competition”

“I like the tool and format, especially keeping it to 20 minute segments. You can always find 20 minutes for good advice. The material is right on target and moves at a fast pace. This is timely material that can set an IT manager above the competition and keep him/her focused on the important aspects of true IT management and strategic planning, and out of "react mode"

Dylilah Hill - Nashville, TN
"You are providing us with valuable material and information we need in our day-to-day operations.”

“One of the most difficult situations we have as IT managers is the lack of senior managers to help us in the topics you are approaching with the presentations. You are providing us with valuable material and information we need in our day-to-day operations.”

Almir Moreira - Bonn, Germany
"The length of the topics (20 minutes) suits my learning style very well.”

“The length of the topics (20 minutes) suits my learning style very well. Any longer and I begin to get distracted. I found the interface to be very usable and the replay function is great when I want to revisit a section.

Steve Haessler - Milwaukee, Wisconsin